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IAO: Newton Hills University of Science and Technology has been approved by the Evaluation Commission of International Accreditation Organization (IAO) as a member Institution of Higher Education and as an eligible candidate for accreditation. IAO's International Accreditation represents an institution's commitment to delivering quality education which is on a par with the global standards. IAO grants accreditation through a unique and patented Points Profile System. The Points Profile System works as a general basis of evaluation for any education provider. It assures the University's students that their degrees and credits will have increased acceptability around the world. IAO headquarter is based in Houston, USA. The National Commission for University Evaluation and Accreditation (CONEAU) has co-branded with IAO to ensure promotion and implementation of quality education all across Argentina. CONEAU is a decentralized agency that operates under the Ministry of National Education, Argentina. IAO and Higher Education Quality Evaluation Centre HEQEC signed a memorandum of co-operation to work for the promotion of quality education in Latvia. Higher Education Quality Evaluation Centre, Latvia, is aimed to promote development of higher education in Republic of Latvia; and improve quality, activity and accessibility of higher education to all interested parties. Department of Adult & Higher Education, Ministry of Education, Bhutan (QAAD) has entered into partnership with IAO to monitor and evaluate educational schools and programs in the Bhutan region.

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